The real reason Idris Elba shouldn’t play James Bond

No, Idris Elba. You cannot be James Bond. You will not be 007, no matter how many tweets you put out fishing for attention. It’s not because you are a gentleman of colour. It’s because James Bond isn’t. He is written as an upper-class, arrogant white toff, born with a silver spoon in his mouth, …

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SPECIAL REPORT: Acid attacks in the UK — the facts behind the headlines

When Mark Van Dongen’s dad walked into the hospital, he couldn’t find his son. A doctor arrived and told him his son was in Room One. “The first room I had looked in. I failed to recognise my own son. His injuries were unbelievable.” The staff had never seen anything like it… Mark was the …

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Boris is right about the burqa — and most Brits agree with him

Yes, yes, we hear you. You’re offended by what Boris Johnson had to say. You are upset he likened burqas to post-boxes, and those who wear them to bank robbers. And you are particularly cross he believes burqas look ridiculous. Which, they do. Have you ever sat near women in face veils trying to eat? …

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Trump’s Walk of Fame star may be removed permanently — so what about Bill Cosby’s?

The five members of West Hollywood City Council have passed a unanimous resolution calling for the removal of Donald Trump’s star from the Walk of Fame. They blame the costs of repeated vandalism; it was last sledgehammered on July 25, by some saddo still sleeping in his mum’s spare room. But the final decision still …

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4 Lessons We Need to Learn From the Tommy Robinson Case

Tommy Robinson is free, for now. The Lord Chief Justice decided Tommy was improperly tried, improperly convicted, improperly sentenced and improperly treated in prison. For many of us watching around the world, the decision feels like a little victory. Now the case will be re-heard under a new judge — the third judge for this …

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SHOCKING attack on Paris woman “is a mark of where our society is at”

Marie Laguerre strolls home in the early evening in Paris in a bright red dress, minding her own business. She is walking past a cafe in Paris when a bearded man harasses her in the street. She said he made grunting noises and sexual remarks about her body. So she told him to shut up. …

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“The Jews took all the water in our country”

Palestinian children in Bethlehem are taught that they are proud refugees. And that Jews are evil. These children explain a piece of graffiti in the refugee camp, of Israelis stealing water from Palestinians.

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Hebron, Israel: Confronting Palestinian propagandists

Just 50 metres from here, a Palestinian stabbed an IDF soldier and was then shot dead as he lay injured on the ground. We are told this man is the photographer who filmed IDF soldier who shot this Palestinian terrorist. This soldier went to prison simply for doing his job. My sources tell me that …

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