Sabo strikes again! Google boss’ $380M cash deal sparks street artist’s #gCorp stealth campaign

While you and I were sleeping, the street artist Sabo was busy at work on the streets of San Francisco waging his private war against the excesses and duplicity of Silicon Valley. You might remember his last campaign in New York, exposing the incestuous relationship between Zuckerberg and Schumer: #ZuckSchumer. His new target is Google …

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“Keep Trump in power or you will have me to deal with!”

Enjoy Katie's speech to California's Unite Inland Empire group! She fires on all cylinders, telling the audience...

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Finally! The UK has a date with The Donald!

President Donald Trump will be visiting the UK on Friday, 13 July. Unlucky for some. Particularly if you are the knee-high Muslim Mayor of London, currently presiding over a capital whose crime record is worse than Ted Bundy’s. Despite being promised a full state visit with blaring bugles and red carpets, Trump has been downgraded …

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“The Assassination of Katie Hopkins”: How The Rebel is confronting this new taxpayer-funded musical — outside the theatre!

Tonight, at the Theatre Clwyd in Wales, the press will gather to watch The Assassination of Katie Hopkins. This musical has been billed as an attempt to explore the politics of outrage in the age of social media, and has received huge attention from the liberal press and the state broadcaster, finding the musical’s title …

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Media insiders tell me: They’re sick of pushing fake news

Something very strange is happening in the media. It started as a whisper. Conversations in the corridor...

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Katie Hopkins tells Mark Steyn: “Swedes are desperate to leave”

Sweden is collapsing fast. Thanks to a decision by liberals to allow over 170,000 Afghans...

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Katie Hopkins asks Torontonians what they think of Trudeau (and Trump)

Katie Hopkins recently visited The Rebel world headquarters in Toronto, but took time...

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Katie tells Tucker Carlson the real cause of London’s crime epidemic — and exactly what should be done about it

On Thursday, six people were stabbed in London in a space of 90 minutes. London, England's murder rate is...

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A Katie Hopkins EXCLUSIVE: Talking to Sabo on the eve of his NEW #ZuckSchumer street-art campaign across NYC

Last night while you were sleeping, street-artist Sabo (a.k.a. "the conservative Banksy") was...

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South Africa: Her husband was murdered in front of her — then THIS happened

At her recent speech to the Horowtiz Freedom Center, Katie talked about a woman she met in South Africa...

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