FREE Tommy Robinson poster art by Sabo!

Street artist, Sabo —  a better Banksy — has been watching events in the U.K. with dismay. The hearing, charge and and sentencing of Tommy Robinson within five hours unreported by a compliant press, is beyond comprehension for an honest American with freedoms enshrined in the Constitution. Globally recognised for his art work challenging the …

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(FULL SPEECH) Katie Hopkins: “We are big and bad, and liberals should be afraid”

Earlier this month, I addressed a Tea Party group in Michigan, with words of advice and encouragement about how to deal with the left’s relentless attacks. I know all about that, from personal experience…

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WATCH: Katie Hopkins shocks Tucker Carlson with the facts about Tommy Robinson — and UK “rape squads”

“I don’t see how we are any different from the Russians…” Speaking with Tucker Carlson on Fox News, I addressed a lot of the “justifications” people are using to excuse the arrest and confinement of Tommy Robinson. “Everybody watching this should be horrified,” Tucker Carlson said.

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The no-go zones I’ve seen around the world are coming to America — unless we face these hard truths

Earlier this month, I conducted a webinar under the auspices of The United West, talking about the No-Go Zones I’ve been to around the world, and the rise of de facto sharia law in my home, the UK. I warn that Americans need to face some hard truths, and wonder why Republicans and Democrats alike still …

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I fear for Tommy Robinson — but this is about much more than one man

It’s an odd time to be British. We like to think of ourselves as a proud nation, revelling in the old patriotism of Churchill and the Darkest Hour, grasping the threads of past times. But these old ideas have worn thin now, through overuse. Because the simple truth is that Britain is lost. Britain has …

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Guest column: Put the glitter away — Gay Pride needs to stop

A note from Katie Hopkins: This is a guest post by Mark Johnson, an aspiring writer and commentator who writes in support of the gay community of which he is proud to be a part. He wrote this piece for TheGayUK. But they pulled it from their site citing concerns over upsetting their audience, and …

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Detroit: A burned-out monument to broken political promises

As I tour the burned out, abandoned homes in Detroit, I have to ask: Seeing this kind of devastation, why do we listen to politicians about anything? They make promise after promise about helping the homeless, and veterans, and ordinary working people. And yet block by block, these homes remain empty, a silent monument to …

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The truth behind Detroit’s shocking housing crisis

As home prices soar across the United States, particularly on the coasts, Detroit remains the poster child for the economic crises and housing collapse of a decade ago. The city’s bankruptcy filing in 2013 hollowed out what was left of its once large, middle class African American community and over the past decade there have …

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Katie in Detroit: Meet a “very brave man” — the “outsider” candidate for Michigan governor, Patrick Colbeck

While reporting from Detroit, I sat down with  gubernatorial candidate Patrick Colbeck to talk frankly about the very real struggles — both cultural and economic — facing Michigan residents today.

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A Belgian mayor is suing me for exposing that she knew an ISIS terrorist was hiding in her city

Last week I went to Molenbeek, a Muslim no-go zone in Brussels, Belgium. It’s the most terrorist-infested neighbourhood in all of Europe. Even its mayor, Francoise Schepmans, describes Molenbeek as a “breeding...

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