The Truth About Our Own Shithole Countries

After Trump started a global conversation on “shithole countries,” and Brietbart’s Raheem Kasseem announced that...

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In The Throes of Trans-Hysteria Let’s Remember: Real Women Are Made of Sterner Stuff

Frankly, I couldn’t care less how you identify. But don’t ask me to call a man who has his penis cut off a woman.

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When The Arbiters of Good and Evil Take Out Their First Target, They Will Come For You Next

Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Trains has nixed offering the Daily Mail to riders on grounds the paper’s views are “incompatible” with the company’s.

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If you are a migrant fleeing war & persecution, why is it you decided to leave your wife and children behind?

Seven French mayors have written an open letter saying they are saturated with migrants, a record 100,000 of them claimed asylum in France in 2017, and in Germany...

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The Assassination of Katie Hopkins

This is a real poster in a publicly funded theatre in the U.K. I wonder about this poster if my name was switched to another - a woman of colour, or a Muslim man - whether...

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As Britain’s Health Care System Nears Collapse One Brave Doctor Speaks Out About the Real Reason: Migrants Gaming the System

We watch my dad, my mother and I. We watch to see whether his arthritic knees are hurting him, for cuts to his head that don’t heal, or for some other secret hurt...

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New Year’s Address by Katie Hopkins

It’s a strange time of year this, isn’t it? January is a yawning month. Stretching out in murky grey, bereft of all the twinkly stuff of Christmas, full of emptiness and unknowns.

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When the world feels mad, your job is to remember what you believe in. And stand strong.

Has the world gone mad? When you look around at the news headlines - of girls uniforms being banned, and an article on the BBC website advising...

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Politicians Say Race And Colour Don’t Matter In 2018. I Think They Are Wrong. I Have Never Felt So White, And So Outnumbered

Something's been bothering me. A little niggle at the back of my mind - like the sort you get when you aren't sure you actually took the key out the door after you locked it

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