“Asian” rapists? We can’t fix problems we can’t even talk about honestly

In this excerpt from her March 27 speech to the David Horowitz Freedom Center, Katie Hopkins explains...

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WATCH Katie Hopkins tell Tucker Carlson about her week on L.A.’s Skid Row

  CLICK HERE to see Katie’s FULL INTERVIEW with Tucker Carlson!

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I went to Speakers Corner on Sunday for one reason. Because others could not.

Two enthusiastic young people known for their outspoken views were barred from entering the U.K. and held in a detention center...

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Check Yourself, Teresa Downs: There Is No White Privilege Here

“I have unfairly benefited from the colour of my skin. White privilege is not acceptable.” So says Teresa Downs...

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Can You Feel It? Populist Political Movements Sweep the West

Change is here. The populist forces that unite the Conservative movement are coming...

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South Africa: “This is not just about land. It’s about driving white farmers into extinction”

South Africa is a land wrought with heartache. Vengeance for the Apartheid-era has culminated in...

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#CPAC2018: What happened after Katie Hopkins criticized UK’s intake of fake “underage” “refugees”

Asked about how to deport "fake refugees" at the conservative CPAC gathering in Washington, DC, I explained...

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Parkland school shooting: Kids from Florida are “politicizing a tragedy to protest Trump

The Kids from Florida (KFF) say adults have failed them and plan to march on Washington DC in protest against gun violence. 

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Whatever The ‘Right’ Reaction Is to Parkland School Shooting, I’m Sure It Can’t Be This

I think we’ve reached a new low even for us, accustomed as we are to news of tragedy and terror – and our reaction to it.

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