EXCLUSIVE: Inside the largest mosque in the U.S.

The Islamic Center of America was built in Dearborn, Michigan in 2005. While reporting in Detroit, I knew it was a place I had to investigate. Come inside with me… Facilities like this one are a politically acceptable outlet for “moderate Islam” — a kind of Islam stripped of much of the explicit barbarism of …

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A Belgian mayor is suing me for exposing that she knew an ISIS terrorist was hiding in her city

Last week I went to Molenbeek, a Muslim no-go zone in Brussels, Belgium. It’s the most terrorist-infested neighbourhood in all of Europe. Even its mayor, Francoise Schepmans, describes Molenbeek as a “breeding...

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Molenbeek has 22 mosques — for 95,000 people. Why?

I’m here in Molenbeek, Belgium, otherwise known as the jihadi capital of Europe. This place has been the breeding ground for the jihadis who have attacked us in Paris, in the Bataclan, at Charlie Hepdo...

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I wore a burqa in Molenbeek. Here’s what happened.

I was told to cover up while Molenbeek, Belgium so I purchased traditional modest Islamic garb...

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The Bataclan attack was planned in this Molenbeek bar — where one killer hid later, with the community’s help

I decided to go to the very bar in Molenbeek, Belgium where the Bataclan terror attack was plotted that resulted in the murder of 130 and the maiming of 413 others in Paris in 2015. One of the terrorists was on the run for four months and he was found right here, back in Molenbeek, …

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I confront the mayor of Molenbeek, who knew her city harboured terrorists — and did nothing

I didn’t expect to meet the mayor of Molenbeek when I came to Belgium. Mayor Françoise Schepmans was privy to a list of terror-suspects living in her city — including Paris attacker Salah Abdeslam. The mayor received the list a full month prior to the Paris terror attack that claimed the lives of 130 people. …

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“Why are you so hostile?” Katie Hopkins talks to some Muslims in downtown Toronto

I went out on the streets of Toronto earlier this month, to get a taste of Trudeau’s multiculturalism. I found Islam instead. And it wasn’t feeling friendly…

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Katie Hopkins tells Mark Steyn: “Swedes are desperate to leave”

Sweden is collapsing fast. Thanks to a decision by liberals to allow over 170,000 Afghans...

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I went to Speakers Corner on Sunday for one reason. Because others could not.

Two enthusiastic young people known for their outspoken views were barred from entering the U.K. and held in a detention center...

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