Talking with Michal Rachon, the Tucker Carlson of Poland

During my visit to Poland, I was invited to be a guest on the nation’s most popular political program. It’s hosted by Michal Rachon, who I call the Tucker Carlson of Poland. We had a wide ranging conversation about the rise of the so-called “far right” in Europe, the decline of the UK, and much more!

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“Last year, British police arrested 9 people a day for hate speech online”

Earlier this month, I was invited to address diplomats and ambassadors from 57 countries the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe on various pressing issues. Here, I testified about the war being waged on free speech across the continent: In the United Kingdom, “hurty: words have become a policing priority. In London – where …

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Polish MP Dominik Tarczyński: Why “Poland has had ZERO terror attacks”

Across Europe, parties promising to reduce immigration and fight harder against the illegal variety, are gaining in popularity. With that in mind, I travelled to Poland, which already has strictly enforced laws in place, and has long opposed Merkel’s reckless embrace of mass migration. I  met with Dominik Tarczyński, MP for the Law and Justice …

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Record numbers of parents choose home schooling because “Wales is at war over a dead language”

In the United Kingdom, the number of children being home schooled has leapt by 40% in the last three years. In Wales, which regularly ranks lowest in the UK in terms of education, the trend is even more startling. I visited Wales to learn why more and more regular mums were pulling their children out …

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Anne Marie Waters talks about her vision for Britain

She’s been labelled far-right and a Nazi, so I wanted to spend time talking to Anne Marie Waters, the leader of the UK’s For Britain party, to better understand the woman behind the labels. Given time to talk, Anne Marie proves herself to be a passionate patriot, clear about the three most important issues facing …

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Anti-Israel posters in London just the latest reason “it is time for Jews to leave the UK”

Speaking to my Israeli friends here in the UK, I am struck by how little of what’s going on in the streets of our capital is permeating through the thick smog of multicultural waffle and pro-Palestinian rhetoric that dominates media discourse. So here’s the latest on the ground: The leader of the UK Labour party, …

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I asked anti-Brexit campaigner Femi Oluwole THIS question — and the interview fell apart

Femi Oluwole is Co-founder of a group looking to overturn Brexit. I asked him who is funding his campaign to subvert democracy in the U.K. And that’s when his script started to fall apart … Here’s the complete, unedited interview:

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South Africa: In a place seemingly without hope, these big-hearted women are saving lives

In South Africa, a nation so fraught with violence and misery, I also glimpsed traces of compassion, too. These big-hearted health outreach workers teach women in slums (and me, as you’ll see!) how to use female condoms, to try to halt the spread of AIDS. I was so touched by their kindness and positivity and …

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SPECIAL REPORT: Acid attacks in the UK — the facts behind the headlines

When Mark Van Dongen’s dad walked into the hospital, he couldn’t find his son. A doctor arrived and told him his son was in Room One. “The first room I had looked in. I failed to recognise my own son. His injuries were unbelievable.” The staff had never seen anything like it… Mark was the …

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Boris is right about the burqa — and most Brits agree with him

Yes, yes, we hear you. You’re offended by what Boris Johnson had to say. You are upset he likened burqas to post-boxes, and those who wear them to bank robbers. And you are particularly cross he believes burqas look ridiculous. Which, they do. Have you ever sat near women in face veils trying to eat? …

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