“The Jews took all the water in our country”

Palestinian children in Bethlehem are taught that they are proud refugees. And that Jews are evil. These children explain a piece of graffiti in the refugee camp, of Israelis stealing water from Palestinians.

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Hebron, Israel: Confronting Palestinian propagandists

Just 50 metres from here, a Palestinian stabbed an IDF soldier and was then shot dead as he lay injured on the ground. We are told this man is the photographer who filmed IDF soldier who shot this Palestinian terrorist. This soldier went to prison simply for doing his job. My sources tell me that …

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“Palestinian[s] don’t shoot…”

This resident of the Israeli-controlled area of Hebron says there is “no future” here. However, he seemed more focussed on the past than the future…

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“I’ve never felt such a physical manifestation of hate”

Here on the wall separating Hebron from “Martyrs Street,” I’m pessimistic about the chance for peace every coming to Israel.

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Hebron shopkeeper: Conflict is about money, not religion

A shopkeeper I spoke to in Hebron, Israel said international NGOs are making billions of dollars for “aiding” Palestinians, and that this is actually an obstacle to the peace process.

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“If you ask little kids, he will tell you he is Fatah or Hamas”

At The Rebel, we believe in bringing you “the other side of the story.” In that spirit, I toured a Palestinian Authority-controlled “refugee camp” with my guide, Mustafa.

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Palestinian “refugee”: “We have WiFi, air conditioning…”

As you can tell from my coverage, I am pro-Israel. But I am often criticized for not showing the other side. So I went to a refugee camp in Bethlehem to listen to what they have to say…  

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NGOs in Hebron make the situation worse

Countless international non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have offices in Hebron, Israel. They’re supposed to be “helping” but instead they make the situation worse by imposing their agendas and worldview on the residents. The “Temporary International Presence in Hebron” has been here for 21 years, and of course, so are the Doctors Without Borders — or, as …

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Why Jewish youth flock to Hebron from around the world

To my surprise, many of the young men I met in Hebron had British accents. Yishai Fleisher, a spokesperson for this town in Israel, explained why young Jewish men and women from around the world are coming to this place, where despite being the indigenous people, Jews are now vastly outnumbered.

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No escape from Muslim call to prayer in Jewish neighbourhood in Hebron

I’m standing on a rooftop in a Jewish neighbourhood in Hebron, surrounded by Israeli flags — but all I can hear is the deafening noise of the Muslim call to prayer…

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